Hey guys!  So I’ve decided to try something out.  I’m selling PDF copies of the Welcome to Hell Morguebook!

A Morguebook (or a morgue file) is a collection of photos/notes/etc kept on file and used for reference!  I could’ve called it a production log or a sketchbook but there’s no wordplay there, so what’s the fun in that?

The Morguebook contains sketches, notes, storyboards, thoughts, and other things I kept track of while working on the film!  As you can see from the images, it ranges anywhere from full-color illustrations, to character concept art, to incredibly crappy storyboards.  Some pages are full of drawings and doodles, others have barely been touched.  Some pages I was having a good day, and some pages I was lamenting my life choices.  It’s a really mixed bag, but it’s an exact copy of the sketchbook I kept while working on the film!

It was previously used exclusively as a $25 Kickstarter reward, but now you can download it for $10! 

I’m not selling it through an online store or service or anything, and it’s a PDF, not a physical copy.  This is where the “I’m trying something out” part comes in, so bare with me!  Maybe I’ll get a proper store page set up but for the moment, this is how it’s gonna’ work:

  1. go to the DOWNLOADS page
  2. click “buy now” (first button is Paypal, second is Square Market)
  3. go through Paypal or Square, and if the e-mail you want it sent to is different than the e-mail you’re using to pay, let me know!
  4. I’ll send you the thing!!! 

Easy as that!  At least I hope it will be.  Like I said bare with me, I’m trying something new here!

((I’m also very open to feedback and suggestions!!))

Also if anyone’s interested in a physical, printed copy, let me know!  I can see about getting them printed but the service isn’t exactly cheap.

If you’re having troubles or need to contact me: ewester@kcai.edu

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